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Shipping Info
How do I track my order?
 If you have placed an order with CI Motorsports, you will receive and invoice from us via e-mail stating products purchased and the proper billed amount. Once your order ships it will update on your order history page and you will receive another email containing your tracking number(s). 
My order won't track properly, what's wrong?
 If your order status shows shipment pending then it hasnt shipped, or had drop shipped and tracking information has not been attached to your order. If you have received tracking information and it doesnt show up please be aware that it may take 24 hours for tracking numbers to update into the carriers shipping system. If you have received a tracking number from us and it doesnt show up online, just check it again later. They normally update tracking information every evening on their servers.
I havent received a tracking number yet, should I be concerned?
  Not at all. Somtimes parts we offer take some time to ship, not all parts we sell are kept in stock. We may have to order them from our stocking warehouse suppliers or possibly the item is a special order or not a normal stocking item.  Your order status will reflect if you do have a special order on hand. In this case we normally contact you with additional information. If your order still shows processed and the status has not updated after 36 hours after your purchase or you have not receieved an email letting you know of any delays , please email us along with your order number and we can let you know the status of your order.
After placing your order with us you can find your order status online by logging in and clicking on your order history. Once in the history page you can view all of your current/previous orders and status on those orders. Your order status will update as your order progresses. Below you will see what each order status means:

Queued:  Order and payment details have been received but have not yet been processed.
Not Finished Order has been received but we have not received payment, or payment details are missing.  (Money Order, Wire Transfer, Paypal, Credit Cards)

Processed:  Order details have been received and payment has been processed successfully. ( Normally your order status will progress within 24 hours)
Contact Us:  If you are seeing this chances are something went wrong with a payment method or we need more information regarding the order. We probably are trying to reach you by phone at this point and may have been unsuccessful at contacting you.
Special Order:  Non Stocked Item. Order was processed successfully and item(s) were special ordered from the manufacturer. Special orders time frames can vary. We normally update your order note section with information such as time frame and special instructions. Please call us for more information.

Backordered:  Order details and payment has been received but the product is out of stock and currently backordered from the manufacturer.  You will normally receive details about the products being delayed and eta of arrival on said product(s).  Please contact us for further information.

Declined:  Order details received but the payment method being used did not process successfully.  This can be caused by invalid credit card details, or because our payment processor flagged the payment due to high fraud risk.  Make sure you billing address is correct and on file with the credit card company you are using. If you cannot get your order to process please contact us for further help.

Failed: Order details and payment information had been received. Usually given because of our credit card fraud filters being triggered. Assure your credit card information is up to date with your credit card company and try your payment method again.
Shipment Pending: Order has been sent to shipping and is awaiting fulfillment. If you see your order reflect this status for more then a few days its likely we may have run out of shelf stock and had to order in your parts directly from our warehouse supplier. No worries though, we normally can have orders shipped out within 3-5 business days if this is the case. If you order still hasnt updated from this status please contact us and we can give you more information regarding your order. Once your order ships your order status will change to complete and tracking information will be displayed in your order details.
Complete:  Order has shipped. Tracking information is updated and available in your order details section. You are also emailed  the tracking and shipment information. If your order status is complete and you do not see your tracking information please send an email or give us a call.
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